10 years ago, amongst the dusty boxes of the Pasadena Flea Market, Doug Walker discovered 30,000 lost film negatives from Surfer Magazine. Doug took it upon himself to track down all the lost photographers from the box, document the story and create a book of his favorite photographers. Shortly after the book released, I was introduced to Doug and fell in love with the project. It combined my two biggest hobbies: surfing and film photography. Doug was mostly working on the project alone and needed creative direction and branding. After a few months of helping out, he brought me on as the Creative Director and Partner. I’m now working with him to bring this project back to it’s full potential and continue to push the idea of lost culture through new archives. I’ve since redesigned his website (twice), created a consistent brand throughout his content, began hosting events, making merchandise, photoshoots, video work and have a lot more coming.


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